What is Holistic Lifestyle Coaching?

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching is a unique way of looking at the body and the symptoms it produce when something is out of balance. In difference from a physiotherapist who only works with soft-tissue, a nutritionist who only works with diet or a psychologist who only works with the mind, a CHEK Practitioner (Holistic Lifestyle Coach) is trained to understand how all the different systems in the body (gastrointestinal, liver/gallbladder, hormonal, blood sugar regulation, cardiovascular, mood, immune, urinary, musculoskeletal, the brain and the central nervous system) work together. Every system is intimately connected with the others and if you don’t take all of them into consideration you won’t be able to find the root cause of the imbalance.


Your way of thinking form your actions, and your actions create the state your health is in. So in order to change your state of health we will have to work through your thoughts and correct your actions. Working with the mind can sometimes be challenging, but when you learn to let go of what doesn’t serve you, you can start living closer to your highest potential. Holistic Lifestyle Coaching brings you to the next level of self growth, empowerment and self healing.


Coaching is completed through various questionnaires followed by one on one session’s with the aim to coach each individual through their problems, finding the root cause, not simply to treat their symptoms. 

A protocol is designed for each client and you will learn about your current state of health and be given food plans specific to your Primal Pattern Diet Type. We will also look at sleep patterns, the level of stress, posture, breathing, movement, energetic imbalances and create a Personalized Exercise Program based on all parameters. 

What is Personal Training?

Personal Training is the training aspect of the Holistic Lifestyle Coaching and is for people who are interested on working on themselves but are not yet ready to invest in the complete package. Holistic Lifestyle Coaching can be very confronting and demands a lot of the client, Personal Training on the other hand is a good introduction to health and training. If personalized routines and someone who motivates you to train is what you want, then Personal Training is perfect for you!

Maybe you want to get back in shape or just refine you technique? Perhaps you have a goal of loosing weight or simply wants to be able to move throughout the day without pain? In my sessions we will work on exercises that fits your personal level and goal.

We will work on the 7 basic movement patterns: Squat, Lunge, Bend, Push, Pull, Twist and Gait as well as stretching, breathing exercises and meditation. All to give you a good all-round or work/sport specific training that helps you reach you goals!

What is Movement Coaching?

Do you want to learn how to dance or simply just how to move better? Dancing is something deeply connected to our essence as human beings. It is a practice where we enter our body and can forget about the external world. We will start by getting in touch with the body, the music and the space. Building up to complex movements, working on technique and improvisation. This is a private class open for all levels. It can also be shared between 2-4 people.

What types of Massage do you offer?

Thai Massage is a traditional form of massage from Thailand done on a futon (thin mattress) on the floor. The massage involves slow and rhythmic stretches, applied pressure and mobilization of joints. It is sometimes referred to as applied yoga: you relax and I stretch you trough yoga-like postures. It is done fully dressed in comfortable clothing and does therefore not use any oils. I only my hands and bodyweight in order to create a relaxing yet restorative massage. It is great for tight lower backs and shoulders, sore muscles and/or if you just need to relax a bit and give yourself some self-love.  


Classic Massage refers to the massage done on a massage table. Here I do work with oils to create a relaxing yet deep treatment for both body and mind. If you feel stressed, have stiff muscles, lower back pain, neck pain or any other soft-tissue related issue a classic massage is great way to get relief.