What is Holistic Lifestyle Coaching?

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching is a unique way of looking at the body and the symptoms it produce when something is out of balance. In difference from a physiotherapist who only works with soft-tissue, a nutritionist who only works with diet or a psychologist who only works with the mind, a CHEK Practitioner (Holistic Lifestyle Coach) is trained to understand how all the different systems in the body (gastrointestinal, liver/gallbladder, hormonal, blood sugar regulation, cardiovascular, mood, immune, urinary, musculoskeletal, the brain and the central nervous system) work together. Every system is intimately connected with the others and if you don’t take all of them into consideration you won’t be able to find the root cause of the imbalance.


Your way of thinking form your actions, and your actions create the state your health is in. So in order to change your state of health we will have to work through your thoughts and correct your actions. Working with the mind can sometimes be challenging, but when you learn to let go of what doesn’t serve you, you can start living closer to your highest potential. Holistic Lifestyle Coaching brings you to the next level of self growth, empowerment and self healing.


Coaching is completed through various questionnaires followed by one on one session’s with the aim to coach each individual through their problems, finding the root ca