One Love!

Do you know what happy making is for you? Do you have an overarching dream in your life? And are you living in line with that dream?

One Love is one of the foundations to the coaching that I do. Your One Love is your Dream or Goal, your reason to live and change for. If we doesn’t have a dream it is easy for us to get lost and hard to be motivated to make the necessary changes.

The dream keeps us motivated to stay on our path. It helps us to say No to what doesn’t serve us and Yes to what is in harmony to with our goal. The dream will look different to everyone and might change with time, it may be financial freedom, raising a close family or having a healthy body. Everyone is different.

But it is important to not become goal oriented and forget to enjoy the journey. Your One Love should give you a joyful ride. It is important to celebrate the achieved milestones and commitment is more important than being rigid. Always practice the 80/20 principle: following the rules 80% of the time and enjoying the freedom 20%.

But if every one wants to be happy, how come that changing to habits that makes us happy is so hard? The law of facilitation tells us that “When an impulse has passed once through a certain set of neurons to the exclusion of others, it will tend to take the same course on a future occasion, and each time it traverses this path the resistance in the path will be smaller.”

You could also say that energy and information takes the path of least resistant so when a habit is ingrained in our system it will take more effort to change the path than it will take to stay in an old pattern. This is where a dream can help you to give you that extra energy needed to change direction.

Figuring out what your dream is can be difficult for some people. “I just want to be happy” is a classic example. Happiness is a valid goal but sometimes being more specific can help you even further. “I want to be healthy and strong so that I can play with my grand children, which makes me happy” gives us a bit more to work with. Playing with the grand children is the goal but being healthy and strong are the components necessary to make the dream come true. Coaching will be done on the components, supported by energy created by the goal.

If you can’t find your dream you can always look from the other perspective and ask yourself what your nightmare would be. What is it that you know you DON’T want it your life? And start with working away from that.

A first step: Make sure your Eating and Drinking in line with your dream! Having a clean body and mind will give you more energy and clearer thoughts to tackle the obstacles hindering you from reaching your dream.

Here are also 10 Questions you can work with to find your One Love:

  1. What do you dream about?

  2. What makes you feel good?

  3. What gives you a sense of purpose?

  4. What geography would you choose?

  5. What are you passionate about?

  6. What people would you surround yourself with?

  7. What values are needed to support your dream?

  8. What would be your chosen working environment?

  9. What is the income you need to live your desired lifestyle?

  10. What level of responsibility are you ready to accept?

If you don't build your dream someone else will hire you to help build theirs - Tony Graskins

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