HOLISTIC Lifestyle Coaching


Holistic Lifestyle Coaching is a unique way of looking at the body and the symptoms it produce when something is out of balance. In difference from a physiotherapist who only works with soft-tissue, a nutritionist who only works with diet or a psychologist who only works with the mind, a CHEK Practitioner (Holistic Lifestyle Coach) is trained to understand how all the different systems in the body (gastrointestinal, liver/gallbladder, hormonal, blood sugar regulation, cardiovascular, mood, immune, urinary, musculoskeletal, the brain and the central nervous system) work together. Every system is intimately connected with the others and if you don’t take all of them into consideration you won’t be able to find the root cause of the imbalance.


Your way of thinking form your actions, and your actions create the state your health is in. So in order to change your state of health we will have to work through your thoughts and correct your actions. Working with the mind can sometimes be challenging, but when you learn to let go of what doesn’t serve you, you can start living closer to your highest potential. Holistic Lifestyle Coaching brings you to the next level of self growth, empowerment and self healing.

Some of the unique benefits to my clients:

  • Reduce back pain 

  • Reduce inflammation 

  • Customized eating plans 

  • Balance blood sugar 

  • Rotation & elimination diets 

  • Detoxification from chemical and environmental problems 

  • Alleviate chronic fatigue 

  • Balance hormonal & physiological systems 

  • Improve gut health 

  • Heal IBS & leaky gut syndrome 

  • Manage & eliminate parasite or fungal overgrowth

All Holistic Lifestyle Coaching packages include: 

  • 10 or 20 hours face-to-face or online Holistic Lifestyle Coaching  

  • Comprehensive Holistic Lifestyle Assessment 

  • Comprehensive Physical, Postural and Breathing Assessment

- Trimonthly Physical and Postural re-assessment 

  • Customized Exercise Design, Stretching and Mobilization Program

- Face-to-face or video chat Corrective Exercise Training and Postural Retraining 

- Functional Primal Pattern Integration 

  • Hands-on Soft Tissue Release and Joint Mobilization

  • Primal Pattern Diet Coaching

Frequently asked questions:

How does it work?

Coaching is completed through various questionnaires followed by one on one session’s with the aim to coach each individual through their problems, finding the root cause, not simply to treat their symptoms. 

A protocol is designed for each client and you will learn about your current state of health and be given food plans specific to your Primal Pattern Diet Type. We will also look at sleep patterns, the level of stress, posture, breathing, movement, energetic imbalances and create a Personalized Exercise Program based on all parameters. 

Each of the first 10 sessions will cover a different topic: Health History & Goal, Body Assessment, Exercise Program, Holistic Lifestyle, Nutrition, Organ Function, Toxicity & Detoxification, Psychology, Dream Creation, Continuation.

Do you work with clients abroad?

Yes, sessions are equally effective over video call. I will send you the questionnaires via email so that you can take part of the Holistic Lifestyle Coaching from the comfort of you own living room.


Can you paint a picture of what our time together will look like?

When the initial payment is done I will send you the first questionnaires you will have to fill in. Everything needs to be filled in for me to be able to fully assess your problem and prepare material for the coming session. After each session you will have more and more material added to your program and bit by bit you will start to understand what changes to make in order for the results to start showing.


Is there a minimum coaching period?

Yes, my minimum period is 10 hours. Like that I can make sure that you start seeing or at least feeling results. Since the compilation of all the information is rather extensive I will need your financial commitment so that I know that you are ready to invest as much of your time as I am. 


I know I need to work with you, but don’t know if I can afford it?

Compared to a private doctor or even a physiotherapist I am not charging much considering that I take a deep look into your habits, level of stress, sleep patterns, your posture, your breathing, how you move, energetic imbalances and organ function etc. If you are not willing to invest in your health it will be very hard for you to be motivated to make the changes necessary to move from dis-ease to health and wellbeing. 


I know I need to spend time healing, but have a busy life & career. Will I gain any benefits from doing your programs?

Yes, even if you don’t have much time we can spread out the coaching over a longer period of time. I will also make sure that we work on the most effective action items so that you can focus on the most essential parts on your way to healing. Since we can do the sessions through video call we can reduce the time to 30 minutes a week for me to fit in to your busy schedule.


I have worked with many doctors, personal trainers and alternative therapists without any success for my challenges! Why are you any different?

The difference with me and other therapists is that I work truly holistically. A physiotherapist will only look at your musculoskeletal system, an osteopath might also include organ work, a psychologist will only look at your thoughts and stress levels while a nutritionist will only look at your diet. A CHEK Practitioner on the other hand will take all these things into consideration. I am trained not to be a specialist in one designated area but to be a specialist in understanding how all systems work together and influence each other. My way of working is truly holistic and looking holistically is the only way to find the root to the problem.