Passionate About Inspiring Others

Carl Staaf is a holistic lifestyle coach (CHEK lv.2), personal trainer, massage therapist, movement teacher and professional dancer. He has worked extensively with his body over the last 20 years and is committed to treating the body holistically, seeing it as one whole system where body, mind and soul needs to work in harmony to reach to goal.

Carl was born in Stockholm, Sweden into a Swedish-Filipino family. He did his university studies in Holland and later moved to Switzerland where he worked as a dancer for many years, touring all over Europe. He now lives and works in Barcelona, Spain where he and his partner run the dance, yoga and health studio Casa del Moviment. Carl is also a part of the holistic health and art collective ShantiLoco, which create projects and retreats built on holistic living and artistic expression. Carl has been working as a Personal Trainer and Holistic Lifestyle Coach at Coworkout in Barcelona since 2019.


Through his intimate relationship with movement and dedication to living holistically Carl has a very good understanding of the body and can easily see where his client needs work or support. Being a certified massage therapist and Holistic Lifestyle Coach Carl has the tools for body work, nutrition and lifestyle coaching. Having investigated and studied for many years he is now in a place where he feel he is ready to share his knowledge and to help his clients to become the best, whole version of themselves.

CHEK Certifications 2018-2020

  • Holistic Lifestyle Coach lv. 2

  • Walking Tall

  • The 4 Last Doctors You'll Ever Need

  • Equal but not the Same

  • Integrated Movement Science lv. 1

  • Primal Pattern Movements

  • Holistic Lifestyle Coach lv. 1

  • Scientific Core Conditioning

  • Primal Pattern Diet

  • Program Design

  • Scientific Back Training

Other Certifications and Merits

  • 2021 Started as Group Trainer at Sharma Climbing Barcelona Gavà

  • 2020 Started Carl Staaf Coaching - Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

  • 2019 Opened Casa del Moviment - Studio for Yoga, Dance and Health

  • 2019 Started working as Personal Trainer at Coworkout 

  • 2018 Founded ShantiLoco - Holistic Health and Art Collective

  • 2018 Orthos Barcelona - Personal Trainer

  • 2018 Orthos Barcelona - Gym Trainer

  • 2017 Thai Massage course with Pichet & Aon Boonthumme

  • 2015 Thai Massage courses with Krishnatakis & David Lutt

  • 2014-2019 Cie. József Trefeli - Geneva, Switzerland

  • 2013-2020 Cie. Tabea Martin - Basel, Switzerland

  • 2008-2012 Codarts University - Bachelor in Dance (240 ECTS) - NL

  • 2007-2008 Royal Swedish Ballet School - Stockholm, Sweden